Project Specifications

  • 10 acres
  • Altitude of 400 feet
  • 2 passes, each consisting of more than 20 photos
  • From flight operations to deliverable in 14 hours
  • No impact to surrounding construction operations

This 3D model was created as part of an orthomosaic mapping project for a client of an active construction site in downtown Nashville. A 3D model is better than traditional aerial photography because it’s not a flat, static photo like a JPG. Using our mapping and modeling services gives our clients the ability to see their site from all angles. You can spin it around to see the site from any angle or zoom in for a better look at individual details.

How is this done? A fully autonomous mission is created on the ground in our office and uploaded to a drone once on site. The drone is flown over and around the site from altitudes of 100 feet above ground and beyond. Throughout this mapping mission the drone is automatically capturing images and data. Essentially conducting an aerial survey along with taking photos. Once the aircraft has landed and the photos and data are back in the office all images are processed and combined with the data in the photos to create detailed maps and 3D models.

Want to take aerial photography and transform it into aerial imaging like an orthomosaic map or a 3D model? Send us a message and we’ll come up with a plan that suits your needs and budget.