A 11 acre aerial site map of Nashville, Tennessee

Project Specifications

  • Orthomosaic map
  • 10 acres
  • Altitude of 400 feet
  • 2 passes, each consisting of more than 20 photos
  • From flight operations to deliverable in 14 hours

This orthomosaic map was created for a client of an active construction site in downtown Nashville. This site posed several challenges that were overcome with the assistance of the client’s foreman and Nashville Metro PD. Flying close to other hotels and office buildings meant that a wind gust of greater than 25 mph could send the aircraft off course and into a neighboring building. This possible scenario was overcome by flying right at the limit of 400 feet above ground level which got the aircraft out of the way of most buildings. The other big challenge is that Broadway is arguably one of the busiest streets in all of Nashville. After confirming with Nashville Metro Police Department that there weren’t any events taking place a plan was devised to photograph the site in two passes. Due to the wide angle of the camera¬† lens on the drone we were able to fly the two passes right on the outer edge of the property giving us the ability to capture the street without flying over it or people on the sidewalk below. Each pass of the drone was flown parallel to the streets surrounding the property meaning the project was safe, followed all FAA regulations and provided a high resolution image for the client.