In construction there are many things that are in limited supply, probably the most important are time and money. We can help you save both with aerial surveying. With regularly scheduled flights you’ll have an idea as to the overall state of the project, where your equipment and materials are. Using programmed flights our aircraft are able to fly repeatable survey missions autonomously. Combined with the option for same dame deliverables, your images and information are accurate making it easy to make the important decisions to keep the project on schedule and on budget.

Unlike traditional surveying our software allows you to take measurements like linear feet, square footage, acreage and calculate volume of material of whatever has been mapped. Other types of surveying will only gather the information determined in the scope of work. Once we perform flight operations and process your survey you can measure anything you choose.

Yellow Aerial Surveying benefits

  • Compare design to as-built in near real time with aerial surveying
  • No impact on construction since the photos are taken from the air
  • Repeatable data collection
  • Cloud based data presentation allowing for measurements and more
  • 3D model and point cloud available
All of this available in as little as 12 hours from contract execution.
Contact us for samples of our Aerial Surveying service.