What is orthosmosaic mapping?


Orthomosaic mapping is the combination of multiple aerial photos into one large seamless image. Our aircraft will fly a pre-planned route to autonomously photograph and record GPS data. The photos are then combined and geometrically corrected to compensate for things like camera lens distortion and even curvature of the earth. The result is a map accurate image that can be viewed online or printed in high resolution.

How Yellow Aerial Orthomosaic Mapping works

  • A drone will fly over your property autonomously
  • While the drone is flying it takes photos it embeds GPS coordinates and other data in each file
  • We download the hundreds of photos and prepare them for stitching by correcting color each photo
  • All of the files are combined into one geometrically corrected map
  • The files are delivered to you either by our client portal or a 3D viewing service
All of this available shortly after mobilization