Provided by Yellow Aerial Imaging
Close up view of sign manufacturing defect
Traditional Site Survey
  • Photos taken from the ground or from a bucket truck
  • Video/360 degree photos not standard
  • Site plan not drawn to scale or using outdated maps
Time to completion: 1 – 2 weeks
Yellow Aerial Site Survey
  • Photos taken from the ground and air
  • Video/360 degree fly around standard
  • Aerial “bird’s eye” photo
  • Signs can be on high-rise buildings and the photos are the same quality
Time to completion: 1 – 3 days


With over 14 years of sign industry experience, we know signs. In the not too distant past a bucket truck or binoculars were the method of inspection for very tall signs or signs that were too high for the naked eye. We don’t use either of those, we use a drone to take high resolution photos and video to inspect signs. We’ll even do one-off sign surveys for ground signs too! In the past, site plans were drawn in Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator or even screenshots of Google Maps.

The problem with those methods is they don’t always give you the total picture. Basic site plans aren’t to scale and Google Maps could be several years old. We can solve those issues in two ways, we can take aerial photos of your site or we can fly around the building and signs to give your a full 360 degree view of the site.